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So how does it start this strange affliction?

Getting a fair bit of unintended exercise without even trying, and acquiring what on a good day is a very graceful talent. It has made some practitioners very wealthy, and a good deal more very happy.

He may have been right. It may just put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. The air at that time of day tends to be especially clear and fresh.

Your golfing affliction also has the propensity to get you sharing time with old friends and meeting new ones.An old Scotsman once said to me “golf is not a sport its a disease”.

So how does it start this strange affliction? Like so many things with one foot in front of the other, and in this particular case adding a bit of a swing as well. You may encounter beautiful clear blue skies, and pesky birds of all shapes and sizes. In fact is one of the great exports of the UK..

This funny old sport invented in Scotland is played all over the globe. It may for some been a bit of a distraction, but for many others it has Glass ball Suppliers provided a time to think and reflect as they hone their skills to do it better next time. Its quite possible your fitness strength and balance will improve. There may be the odd trap to negotiate but that’s life. You have to be up particularly early in the morning , to get a nice clear run on any good golf course. James.. So good luck.. A terrible affliction that keeps good men and women from what they should be doing, and running round after a wee ball

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Frosted Glass Ball Suppliers

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- So how does it start this strange affliction?


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